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Fujifilm reveals more information about the X100

The firm has been tight-lipped when pressed for more details on this cam, but it just revived interest by releasing more information regarding the FinePix's specifications.

In September, Fujifilm showed off the X100 at the Photokina trade show in Germany. Aside from several mockup units and prototypes on display, the company was tight-lipped when pressed for more details. Since then, the hype for this camera has waned, but the firm just revived interest by releasing more information regarding the FinePix's specifications.


According to the Japanese camera maker, the X100 will have three focusing modes: manual, single autofocus, and continuous autofocus. In manual-focus setting, photographers can rotate the focusing ring around the lens to focus on the subject. Using the hybrid viewfinder, users can magnify a portion of the scene to check if the frame is sharp.

There will also be a dedicated RAW button. When you press the button in JPEG mode, the camera will capture in both RAW and JPEG. Included with the snapper is the SilkyPix RAW software which lets users convert RAW photos to common formats such as JPEG.

When asked why Fujifilm didn't employ the EXR sensor in the X100, the company said such sensors are typically used for compacts, which utilize a much smaller sensor. The X100 has an APS-C-sized sensor and an F2.0 lens, which will help photographers get better pictures in low-light environments.

The Fujifilm X100 is expected to launch next March if earlier reports are accurate, but the company has yet to announce the price. However, it was rumored that this camera will retail for approximately $1,000.

(Source: Crave Asia via 1001 Noisy Cameras and Photography Blog)