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Fujifilm playing Cupid: Get closer to snap

"Couple Timer" gauges how close two faces are.

Crave Asia

We thought we'd seen it all with face, smile, and even blink detection. But Fujifilm surprised us once more (after face detection 2.0) with the "Couple Timer" in its new FinePix Z200fd.

Apparently, this feature is used in conjunction with face detection to gauge how close the two faces are in the frame. Depending on how intimate you are to the other subject, you can change the setting on the point-and-shoot from one heart to three. When the camera sees that the subjects are close enough, it will snap a shot automatically.

Also a new feature is the Group Timer. Once set, the shooter will wait for all the indicated faces (up to four) to be in the shot before it takes a picture.

Although the FinePix Z200fd is a slim shooter at only 19.8 millimeters thick, it also offers 5x optical zoom, a 10-megapixel sensor, and the usual features like image stabilization and automatic red-eye correction.

(Source: Crave Asia)