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Fujifilm FinePix Z30 an ultracompact for youthful hipsters

With its new chic chassis form factor, the FinePix Z30 is even sleeker than its predecessors, the Z10 and Z20. The Z30 also includes an innovative SR Auto (Automatic Scene Recognition) feature that enables the camera to recognize subjects, scenes, and fa


The 10-megapixel Fujifilm FinePix Z30. It is for the most part a fairly basic ultracompact camera with a 3X optical zoom and 2.7-inch LCD. But along with its interesting looks there are a couple other extras to make it stand out from other youth-oriented models.

For example, you get face detection and automatic scene recognition to help with fast shooting, but there's also a Blog Mode (a carryover from the Z20fd), which apparently preps shots and video so they can go right online for sharing.

There are separate buttons for the still photo shutter release and movie record taking away the need to switch to a different mode to do one or the other. Also, small movie clips can be stitched together in camera to create a single, 60-second clip.

On-the-go fashionistas will be able to pick one up for $179.95 in pink, orange, and black this March.