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Fujifilm drowns us in cameras for 2010

Headed into PMA 2010 at the end of February, Fujifilm launches a whole mess of cameras priced from $499.95 all the way down to $99.95.


Really, Fujifilm, 13 is a lot of cameras to announce at one time. Just trying to sort them all out was a bit of a task, but we managed. On the upside, with that many models there really is something for every type of point-and-shoot user.

Below are links to learn more about all the cameras. For the most part, they're listed top-to-bottom according to pricing and features: from the most basic $99.95 FinePix AV100 to the $499.95 30x megazoom FinePix HS10. And all of them--every last one--shoots HD-quality video. Of the bunch, I'm most looking forward to testing out the Z700EXR (pictured), a 3.5-inch touch-screen ultracompact using the company's Super CCD EXR sensor.

Do any of these look particularly interesting to you?

Just the basics: Fujifilm FinePix AV100, AX200

Fujifilm redesigns its J-series point-and-shoots

Fujifilm's camera for style-, budget-conscious

Fujifilm FinePix XP10: Ultracompact with extra protection

Touch-screen model added to Fujifilm EXR lineup

Fujifilm enhances its EXR compact megazoom

Fujifilm offers up two very similar megazooms

Fujifilm's megazoom leaves twentysomething behind