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Fugitive who teased police on Facebook caught

Craig "Lazie" Lynch, who broke out of jail and taunted police with Facebook updates and had 40,000 fans, has finally been apprehended.

An escaped convict who entertained so many on Facebook with his taunting of the U.K. police, has finally been friended in person by the long arm of the law, according to the Associated Press.

Craig "Lazie" Lynch, who had been in jail for aggravated burglary, flew the coop on September 23 and began to create a little fame for himself with a Facebook page that grew him tens of thousands of fans.

Did Facebook finally locate Lynch? SKSachin/Flickr

The U.K. police asked Facebook to help in locating him and his Facebook page has finally disappeared. However, the "Where is Craig 'Lazie' Lynch" group is still active.

Police have not confirmed that he was finally located because of his Facebook activity and have not given details of how he was arrested.

Still, Lynch's days on Facebook may not be over, as, according to reports, those behind U.K. bars still seem to find a way to communicate with their faithful on Facebook.