Fuel-injected paintball gun takes aim

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For those of us who are fans of paintball (and you know who you are), there's a new marker out that is powered by propane gas instead of air.

Tippmann Pneumatics, which makes some of the better-known models out there, introduced its Tippmann C-3 with PEP this week for $229. The PEP stands for propane enhanced performance. A marker is the politically correct way of saying paintball gun.

Tippmann C-3 with P.E.P.
Credit: Tippmann

With a 16-ounce tank of propane attached to the bottom line, the pump action marker can let you fire off 50,000 shots compared to a CO2-based canister, which usually empties after about 1,000 shots.

The demonstration video shows two old-school players in a woods ball (outdoor) match. You'll want to turn up the volume for the rock 'n' roll sound track.

Buffalo Grove, Ill.-based Tippmann said it experimented with propane because it has the same range as a CO2 canister, but it is not affected by temperatures and has the same consistency as Nitrogen or compressed air.

Plus, it's less expensive. Compressed air tanks cost around $250 and that CO2 tanks retail for about $30. Compare that to an $8 propane tank that you can buy at a local hardware or camping store.

The C3 also features a 13-inch metal composite barrel making it lighter than its A5 model.

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