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Fuel cell boost for mobiles

First generation of technology now available.

It's finally here. Fuel cell technology in mobile devices, which has been talked about for the longest time, is finally coming to mobile devices.

Crave Asia

The first-generation 24/7 Power Pack charger from Medis Technologies promises to extend the talktime on handsets by up to 30 hours, 20 hours for smart phones or as much as 80 hours of playback for MP3 players such as the iPod. While we have yet to get our hands on one of these Power Packs for testing, we can already foresee how this will be useful for those who travel frequently or who just can't get enough yaktime out of their phones.

According to company representatives, the Power Pack activates once its tab is removed. After which, it can be used for up to three months. (See Craver Peter Glaskowsky's alternative view of fuel cell technologies here.)

It is currently available online at $25 with refill packs going for $20. Medis Technologies will also be offering an optional recycle program in selected markets to collect its used fuel cell packs back for refilling. The company has revealed that it plans to introduce a slimmer version of the Power Pack using solid fuel as well as a new model for power-intensive devices such as laptops.

(Source: Crave Asia)