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FTP to challenge encryption policy

FTP plans to use controversial encryption technology in its electronic mail software.

FTP Software plans to include controversial encryption software in its electronic mail package in a direct challenge to federal laws restricting access to encryption technology.

The company plans to include later this summer in its Mail OnNet package encryption software from Pretty Good Privacy. Use of the encryption software will prohibit sale of Mail OnNet outside of the U.S., since the PGP encryption technology does not comply with a Clinton administration "key escrow" proposal that would require law enforcement authorities to have access to decoder keys, according to The Boston Globe.

FTP chose PGP because it makes its email software virtually hacker proof, according to the company. But government encryption policy could put the company at a competitive disadvantage. FTP claims that Mail OnNet is used by 5 million people worldwide.

FTP is the first major software vendor to license the PGP technology.