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FTC wants more input on Google-AdMob deal

The FTC is asking Google competitors to weigh in on its proposed $750 million acquisition of mobile advertising company AdMob, according to a report.

Google hopes the FTC sees it as a small player in mobile advertising even with AdMob on board. Google

A familiar face might be causing a snag in Google's planned acquisition of mobile advertising company AdMob.

The U.S. Federal Trade Commission is currently asking Google advertisers and competitors for more information about the potential impact of the deal, Bloomberg reported Wednesday. Those companies--which weren't identified--are being asked to sign sworn statements that could potentially be used against Google in a court hearing blocking or altering the deal, according to the report.

After being caught flat-footed in Washington years ago by the backlash over the DoubleClick deal and proposed Yahoo search deal, Google came out swinging after it announced plans to spend $750 million on AdMob, a leading mobile advertising network. It had a Web site devoted to explaining its side of the deal all ready to go when it was announced, addressing competitive issues.

Still, in an era where Google finds itself under scrutiny from the government and interest groups just about every time it opens its mouth, a Web site probably wasn't going to be enough. Google has already had to provide the FTC with more detailed information concerning the deal, and it's not clear whether the FTC plans to use competitor testimony against the company or whether it is still just gathering information.