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Frozen bananas without (or with) the chocolate

The Yonanas Frozen Treat Maker is a countertop appliance designed to turn frozen bananas into a cold treat with frozen-yogurt-like consistency. With no need to add any sweeteners, the machine is capable of making a naturally sweet, healthy treat.

With a name like Yonanas, it's got to be good.
With a name like Yonanas, it's got to be good. HSN

When it comes to specialty appliances, there seems to be a couple of reoccurring themes. Not surprisingly, some of these buzzwords happen to be "sweet" and "healthy." Rarely, however, do the two intersect. When they do, it's a fortunate circumstance that entices potential buyers emotionally and sensibly at the same time. This seeming paradox can be resolved when one adds one more buzzword to the party: natural.

The natural sweetness present in healthy bananas is the allure that the Yonanas Frozen Treat Maker uses to attract the gadget-buying public. Taking it a step further, the device is designed specifically to produce a frozen-yogurt-like consistency--with no added ingredients; take a ripe frozen banana, put it in the machine, and out comes a healthy and sweet soft-serve treat.

The promise of convenience is the real draw here. Just take a prefrozen banana out of the freezer, drop it into the chute, plunge it down, and out comes a unique treat with an enjoyable texture. It's a pretty neat idea, actually, but one should be able to get comparable results with an ordinary food processor and something to extrude the resulting mash through. But then again, the food processor might not be available, seeing as it will be in use chopping up chocolate chunks to sprinkle on top.