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Froyo for the Droid Incredible arrives as early as tomorrow

The HTC superphone is expected to see Android 2.2 starting August 27th.

The Droid Incredible update is coming. Verizon

According to the latest rumors, the Droid Incredible is expected to see Froyo as early as tomorrow. Droid Life has been passed an internal Verizon screen shot that lists the HTC phone with a software update that begins August 27th. Although Android 2.2 is not explicitly mentioned, the update has all the makings of Froyo, including automatic app updates, Flash 10.1 support, and 3G mobile hotspot capability. To help substantiate the claims, Verizon already has a support page set up which lists the benefits and enhancements that come with the latest build. Other features that come with the update include HD video recording, 802.11n support, and the ability to rotate the phone 270-degrees.

The Droid Incredible marks the third Android phone from Verizon to see Froyo, following the Droid and Droid 2. It's not known at this point whether or not the update will be staged in a gradual rollout or if users can manually install it on their own. Either way, it's nice to see yet another Android handset picking up Froyo.