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From the world to Wall St.

The Russian economic crisis has yet to affect tech stocks, though Asia continues to batter the sector, with Autodesk the latest casualty.

Political and economic turmoil in Asia and Russia is sending shivers throughout U.S. markets. The Russian crisis has yet to affect technology stocks, though Asia continues to batter the sector, with Autodesk being the latest casualty. However the uncertainty isn't putting a damper on tech IPOs, which are expected to ramp up this fall.

Tech stocks elude Russia crisis
Unlike the woes crippling Asia's economy, Russia's economic and political crisis is not likely to have an impact on U.S. technology stocks, most analysts agree.

Street closes mixed after rally
Wall Street stocks close mixed, barely able to sustain Friday's late rally and eased jitters over Russia's economic and political instability.

Spate of Net IPOs expected in fall
Wall Street is focusing on a slew of new Net stocks lining up to go public in the fall, wondering if they all can become high-flyers.

Autodesk plunges on Asia worries
update The software maker cuts its profit and revenue forecasts, gets downgraded by two investment banks as a result, and then watches its stock nose dive.