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From Super Talent, Eee PC-specific solid-state drives

New solid-state drives from Super Talent are designed specifically for Asus' Eee PCs.


Super Talent Technology, a vendor that just announced high-speed and low-budget solid-state drives, introduced on Tuesday its new line of SSDs designed explicitly for Asus' Eee PCs.

The new line is available in three sizes--16GB, 20GB, and 64GB. The drives use a mini PCI-Express interface and offer rather modest throughput speeds of 40 megabytes per second in writing and 15MBps in reading.

Standard Eee PCs will generally use the 20GB version of the new SSD. Users then can choose to upgrade to 64GB or downgrade to 15GB versions. These drives can also be used in any devices that share the same mini PCI-Express interface. The "explicitly designed" notion only means that Super Talent has tested them and guarantees their performance and compatibility only with Asus' Eee PCs.

If you want to try them out, they will be available in November, and for relatively inexpensive prices--$53 to $149 a piece depending on the size.