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From Paris to your USB port

S.T. Dupont has a new line of luxury memory sticks.


Go figure. We thought that legendary luxury goods purveyor S.T. Dupont would have better things to do than make an occasional computer peripheral. But apparently the palladium memory stick it introduced earlier this year wasn't just a one-time thing.

In between crafting museum-quality pens and lighters, the Parisian institution is continuing to forge USB keys such as those from its "Cote d'Azur" collection. The newest models are made of palladium and a choice of three lacquered colors, each bearing the company's signature diamond-head pattern.

We don't necessarily object to the company keeping up with these digital times, but we hope it doesn't sacrifice its world-class cigar accessories. And if it insists on making computer devices, why can't it combine a lighter with one of its USB drives?