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From NTT DoComo, 23 new multimedia phones

Japanese wireless carrier announces 23 new handsets in the 905i and 705i series, and they're available in a total of 75 colors.

The P905i--the P stands for Panasonic, which has a licensing deal with the Japanese wireless carrier's Viera line. NTT DoComo

Japan wireless carrier NTT DoComo just made life way more confusing for the indecisive consumer.

The company and its eight regional subsidiaries on Thursday announced 23 new handsets in the 905i and 705i series--and they're available in an astounding total of 75 colors. Sheesh, and I had a tough time deciding whether to go with brown boots or black boots this morning.

The 10 handsets in the 905i series are variously equipped with support for HSDPA-based networks, international roaming capabilities through built-in 3G/GSM, voice-activated Japanese-English translation, GPS location information, interactive maps, one-segment mobile TV, and support for credit card and credit payment services. The entertainment-oriented 905i series also includes intuitive motion/voice-activated gaming and access to NTT DoComo's Music & Video Channel.

In addition, 905i phones are compatible with a new disaster information service that automatically provides evacuation instructions to people in disaster areas. Text can be made larger for easier viewing.

The 13 phones in the 705i series include ultraslim and waterproof models. Available services are HSDPA support (including the L705iX model, which offers high-speed data communication up to 7.2Mbps), 3G/GSM international roaming, and one-segment terrestrial digital broadcasting.

The 905i models will be available in late November, giving consumers a few weeks to ponder their manifold choices. Expect to see the 705i phones early next year.

705i lineup
NTT DoComo's lineup of 13 new 705i handsets, which will be available early next year. NTT DoComo