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From Libya, with love

Reporters Without Borders says that an imprisoned Libyan cyber-dissident is in poor health after an injury left him with a fractured pelvis.

Abdel Razak Al Mansouri, who was detained by the authorities on January 12, waited eight hours for treatment, according to a report from the watchdog organization. He suffered the fracture after a fall from his bunkbed.

Reporters Without Borders said his jailing was connected to the publication of articles on the Internet criticizing Libyia's government. The authorities are charging Mansouri with the unauthorized possession of a handgun.

"We call on the prison authorities to ensure that Al Mansouri's injuries are properly treated as soon as possible and we also demand that his lawyer and family be allowed to visit him in order to verify his state of health," the organisation said in a statement.

All told, Reporters Without Borders says 76 cyber-dissidents are in prison around the world – 64 of them being held in China.

I put in a call to the Libyan consulate in Canada looking for comment. A secretary said somebody would call back. If I hear back, I'll let you know.