Frogger turns 30; new version jumps to App Store

The title, called Frogger Decades, is available for the iPhone and iPad, and costs $1.99.

The new Frogger Decades for iOS.
The new Frogger Decades for iOS. Konami

It's hard to believe, but Frogger has been hopping around the gaming business for 30 years now, and to commemorate the event, Konami has released a new installment of the franchise in Apple's App Store.

Dubbed Frogger Decades, the title gives gamers the familiar Frogger experience, requiring them to get across an area by maneuvering around obstacles and finding safe haven as they move to the other side. According to the description of the title in the App Store, the game offers classic D-pad controls for the nostalgic among us, as well as touch controls for those who want to experience the title in a new way.

Frogger first launched as an arcade game in 1981. The game, while quite simple, caught on with people around the globe who tried to get frogs across a road or river packed with obstacles. Over the years, as Frogger's popularity grew, several new versions of the title were made available, including Frogger II, Frogger 3D, and others.

But Frogger Decades is not the first title in the franchise to be made available on iOS; Konami already offered Frogger in the App Store. That title costs 99 cents.

Those hoping to get their hands on Frogger Decades can download it now to their iPhone or iPad. The game costs $1.99.

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