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Fring--VoIP, Skype, IM and more on your iPhone (Verdict: very cool so far)

Fring turns your iPhone into a global communication device by providing connections to wifi for VoIP calls.

Fring on the iPhone Fring

Never one to shy away from bleeding edge technology, my co-worker Dan Diephouse (of open source web services frameworks Xfire and CXF fame) is running Fring on his iPhone and we both agree that it's pretty fringing cool.

I was able to dial Dan on Skype and he was able to call me via Skype all on our corporate wifi. He was also able to use his VZW laptop card to connect to the iPhone. Very cool and extremely useful when traveling abroad or generally on the road.

ZDnet has video demos and Fring themselves have a demo video on YouTube.

I have to admit I am bit jealous and I really wish Blackberry would realize that their devices while fantastically functional are just not very fun.