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'Friends' to hang out on Netflix starting January 1

Every episode of the series will be there for you to stream once the new year begins.

As of January, you'll be able to feast on "Friends" reruns on Netflix. Twitter/screenshot by Lance Whitney/CNET

Fans of the popular TV show "Friends" will be able to catch the entire series again courtesy of Netflix.

The news was revealed via a tweet posted on Wednesday by Netflix US with the simple headline: "They will all be there for you, Jan. 1, 2015." A video embedded in the tweet takes us to the popular Central Perk coffee shop where Monica, Phoebe, Rachel, Chandler, Joey and Ross would seem to hang out far too often.

We even get to see Central Perk server Gunther looking on suspiciously and then wearily as the Rembrandts play the show's iconic theme song "I'll Be There for You."

But as the band plays on, Gunther gets into the spirit of the song and starts grooving to the theme, even sporting a little smile on his face. The video comes to a close with a shot of two coffee cups -- one with the Friends logo on it, the other with a line that says "I 'heart' Netflix." The video finally ends with a frame that says: "Friends. The Complete Series. New Years Day."

On the air for 10 years, from 1994 to 2005, "Friends" was one of NBC's most popular series during that time. The show still pops up on local TV channels via syndication. But the ability to watch every episode from start to finish could draw in a fairly large audience of fans for Netflix.

There is one caveat. The video lists the US and Canada as the only locations that will get custody of "Friends." Fans of the series in other Netflix markets around the world will apparently be friendless come New Years Day.

(Via The Verge)