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Friends Reunited sold for £25m

ITV has sold social-network-for-old-people Friends Reunited for £25m -- considerably less than the £120m it bought the network for in 2005

ITV has sold social-network-for-old-people Friends Reunited for £25m -- just a smidgeon less than the £120m it bought the site for in 2005.

Friends Reunited, which in its heyday inspired salacious marriage-bustup headlines and even released CDs of classic pop tunes under its own name, has been just one of many networks hit by the popularity of Facebook. The two sites both claim 19 million UK users, but given Facebook's British membership has doubled in the last 18 months, we'll wager far more of its users have actually looked at the site in the last decade.

The company with the money to snap up the dying-of-old-age network is Brightsolid Limited, which also operates -- a similar site geared towards finding old family members and building family trees.

Friends Reunited launched in July 2000, just after the dotcom boom and its subsequent implosion, which took down enormously over-funded sites such as In fact, we have an entire feature about the worst of the worst dotcom disasters, if you're interested.

Do you still use Friends Reunited? Are we just being sniffy because it's not young and hip? Let us know in the comments, and share any thoughts you have about the site.