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FriendFeed updates design, e-mail publishing tools

FriendFeed's new look is now live to all users. The service has also updated its sharing-by-e-mail features to allow for direct messaging between users.

FriendFeed's new look, which was launched as an optional feature for brave beta testers, is now the default for all. The company flipped the switch on it this afternoon, and like previous redesigns there's no way to revert back to the old version. Going to simply brings users to the normal site.

Along with the new look, the company has updated its post-by-e-mail tools. Previously users had a special e-mail address they could send items to that went directly to their home feed. Users can still use that one, but there's now a central address that anyone can send to ( which figures out your account by the address you're sending it from, then sends it to the right feed. It also lets users send direct messages to one another with a e-mail address.

For users who miss the old design, there's a GreaseMonkey script called Cleaner FriendFeed that nixes the new gray background and makes some slight font and size tweaks to make it look as similar as possible.

The updated e-mail sharing system forgoes special e-mail addresses for a universal address anyone can send to--including direct messages to other users FriendFeed