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FriendFeed: No more hitting 'reload'

The social aggregator has launched a test feature called "Real-Time View," which automatically updates users' feeds.

FriendFeed, that "social feed" aggregator that's ubiquitous among the Web 2.0 set, is just so charitable. Instead of forcing procrastinating office drones to hit the "refresh" button on their browsers to see what their friends are doing, it'll do it for you.

The service has launched a new option called "Real-Time View," which is pretty much exactly what you'd think it is, and FriendFeed says that it's "experimental." In other words, there might be bugs. But if it's whirring along too quickly, you can hit the "pause" button. Kind of cool.

The update was conveniently rolled out on the evening of the final U.S. presidential debate, at a time when there would be a heck of a lot of FriendFeed updates coming out from the tech-friendly news hounds who make up its most loyal pack of users.