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Friday Poll: Your wish list for the Apple event?

Only Apple knows exactly what it will be unveiling at its Back to the Mac event next week. But we know you like to speculate as much as we do.

Back to the Mac graphic

So here we are again, a week before another secret Apple day.

According to invitations sent to the press, the company is holding an event called "Back to the Mac" on Wednesday. The invite, part of which you can see above, features a lion behind the Apple logo, which means it's a safe guess to say Apple will introduce the next version of OS X and dub it Lion.

But these Apple events usually feature more than one announcement, so the rest is up in the air. That said, we listed a few other possibilities a couple of days back.

The MacBook Air is very much due for an update, as is the 13-inch MacBook. Both could benefit from Intel's new i3 processor. There is the Verizon/iPad news from yesterday, so something about an extended partnership is possible. The new iPod Touch, like the iPhone 4, has FaceTime, but so far it can't connect to regular computers. FaceTime for iChat in Lion is thus a possibility too.

So we ask, besides Lion, which of the following would be at the top of your Mac wish list for next week? And if we missed anything, be sure to let us know in the comments section below.