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Friday Poll: Your mobile gaming rig of choice?

With the Nintendo 3DS, Sony NGP, and iPhone/iPod Touch, gamers have an increasing number of mobile choices. What's your pick?

Sony NGP
New as of this week: Sony's NGP. Sony

It seems like just yesterday that the only mobile gaming systems in existence were Nintendo Game Boys. Now, we have choices, perhaps too many.

Nintendo last week took the wraps off of its latest portable, the 3DS, which offers a dual-screen gaming system with a glasses-free 3D screen for a new generation of games.

Then, this week, Sony debuted its next-generation portable, code-named, well, Next Generation Portable (NGP). It packs an impressive-looking OLED display, control sticks, and multitouch surfaces into a sleek-looking package.

And for more casual gamers, the iPhone and iPod Touch (as well as the iPad) offer an inexpensive, extensible platform with a load of games. Many iOS hardware owners don't even realize they have a powerful gaming device in their pockets, but they do. And now with the iPhone hitting Verizon, the audience is expanding.

These devices each offer different feature sets and can't really be compared apples to apples (not even the iPhone, wakka wakka). The NGP has an impressive and unprecedented feature set; the 3DS boasts a small size and 3D graphics; the iPhone and iPod Touch offer far more content (games and otherwise) than the others combined.

So now we get to see what you, the Crave readers, think about the new devices. Which device, if any, is your mobile gaming rig of choice?