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Friday Poll: Would you choose a 'Star Wars' or 'Star Trek' universe?

One has Ewoks, the other has Tribbles. Would you rather be a denizen of "Star Wars" or a resident of "Star Trek?"

Wars versus Trek infographic detail

I've gotten together with my friends Chewbacca and Scotty to unveil a little machine we've been working on. This combination of a transporter and souped-up Millennium Falcon allows passengers to travel to a sci-fi universe. We're handing the controls over to you. Where would you like to go?

This week, we shared an infographic comparing the technologies of "Star Wars" and "Star Trek," and it sparked a spirited discussion among fans of the famous franchises.

Reader methos2000 brought up an interesting point: "The best argument I ever read regarding Star Wars vs Star Trek came from the perspective of which universe would you rather live in."

Personally, I could see myself as a tenured teacher at Star Fleet Academy, taking the occasional tourist space jaunt and running a Tribble ranch in my spare time. Other folks are much more inclined to jump into Jedi training and pick up a lightsaber.

Reader Melanthrus strongly prefers "Star Wars," but would rather live in the Trek universe if it came down to a choice. Melanthrus cites Trek's optimism and Wars' poverty and crime as factors in the decision.

You will have your own arguments in support of your choice. Would you rather live in the "Star Wars" or the "Star Trek" universe? Vote in our poll and back up your decision in the comments.