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Friday Poll: Worst Valentine's Day gift for geeks

We got to thinking about some of the Valentine's Day gifts we could get from our imaginary girlfriends and boyfriends that would make the day suck even more. Which ones would ruin your day? Poll

Worst love tokens
Which geeky Valentine's Day gift would suck most?

Windows Vista: Lovers Edition
A near-mint copy of Detective Comics #27 (who wants NEAR mint!?)
Finding your female dwarf WoW avatar in "sexy" lingerie
Hello Kitty posters for Mom's basement your dungeon
DVD of The Empire Strikes Back signed by William Shatner

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I am single and bitter, so I'm not exactly in the mood for Valentine's Day Saturday.

I did, however, get to thinking about some of the gifts I could get from my imaginary girlfriend that would make the day suck even more. Which one on my list would ruin your day of hearts and flowers most? Or are there others that would be even worse?

From my black, un-beating heart to yours.

Love, Matt Hickey" credit="Matt Hickey" />