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Friday Poll: Will you swap your old iPad for iPad 3?

The much-anticipated iPad 3 announcement will finally happen next week. Are you trading in your old iPad for the latest model?

iPad 3 invite
There's a new iPad coming to town. Apple

My iPad 2 has survived almost a whole year of use, several hours of cats swiping at the screen, three different cases, and countless Infinity Blade foes vanquished. I'm not quite ready to give it up, but I may change my mind once the iPad 3 is unveiled.

The fervor around the iPad 3 will kick into high gear on March 7, the official announcement day scheduled for next week.

We're hearing about all sorts of cool potential features like Siri, 4G LTE, and a Retina Display.

Those are some big carrots to tempt current iPad owners into an upgrade buying binge.

Some iPad 2 owners have already off-loaded their devices in order to get the most value before the announcement. Some are already planning to wait for iPad 4.

What category do you fall into? You might be an original iPad owner who's ready for the latest model. You may be a happy iPad 2 owner with no intent to upgrade. You may have already packed your snacks to go wait in line on launch day.

You reserve the right to change your mind once the actual iPad 3 specs are revealed, of course, but tell us what you're thinking right now. Will you swap your old iPad for an iPad 3? Vote in our poll and elaborate in the comments.