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Friday Poll: Will you buy the new Nexus 7?

Now the wraps are off Google's updated Nexus 7, it's up to buyers to decide if it will be the next big thing in tablets.

New Nexus 7
It's a step up from the original Nexus 7. Is it enough? James Martin/CNET

It's been over a year since the original Nexus 7 tablet took a bow. The much-anticipated update has now taken center stage and customers are mulling whether or not to buy it.

In this piece, Crave's Eric Mack tosses around his pros and cons of buying one ASAP vs. waiting a bit. On one hand, he says, the device comes with the fresh Android 4.3 OS and boasts a nice screen-quality upgrade. On the other hand, a Verizon version may require a long wait and a better competitor could come along soon. Turns out he's planning to hold off on a new Nexus 7 purchase (unless gadget envy overwhelms him).

All in all, the new Nexus 7 has a lot to recommend it over the original, such as a rear camera, a faster processor, and a thinner design (CNET gave it four stars; read the full review here). It comes at a slight price premium, but the upgrades may be enough to sway people who weren't ready to commit to the first generation. Others see the update as involving mostly incremental improvements, which might not make the purchase as enticing as a full-on overhaul would have been.

You've raked your eyes across the specs, feasted on the photos, and checked out the preorder page. Has your credit card emerged from your wallet, or are you holding off? Maybe you're happy with your iPad or first-generation Nexus 7. Maybe you're a little skeptical and want to wait for more full reviews. Are you planning to buy the new Nexus 7? Vote in our poll and share your thoughts in the comments.

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