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Friday Poll: Will you buy a Nintendo 2DS?

The newly announced Nintendo 2DS handheld gaming console is taking a lot of flack for its looks, but the low price point may pave the way to acceptance.

Nintendo 2DS
The Nintendo 2DS isn't exactly winning in the looks department. Nintendo

When Nintendo released images of its new 2DS handheld gaming system this week, the world seemed to utter a collective "ew" at the sight of it. The device has a chunky, awkward design that seems to have regressed compared with the folding clamshell design of the 3DS.

The 2DS feels more like a Nintendo DS upgrade than a 3DS sequel. As its name would suggest, the 2DS also dumps the 3D and opts for two dimensions. The design choices may seem like a step back, but Nintendo is sweetening the deal considerably with a $129 price tag. That's a savings of 40 bucks over the 3DS.

While reactions to the gaming gadget have focused on its funky appearance, gamers are also debating its merits. Many see it as a device for young kids. Others can see the appeal of the lower price, especially as holiday gift-giving time rolls around. Some never liked the 3D feature of the 3DS to begin with.

The 2DS may have already deserved its reputation as the ugly duckling of the handheld gaming world, but it does have some positive features. Besides the aforementioned price, it can play every 3DS game available, as well as eShop games. There should be no shortage of games to choose from.

All things considered, do you want to take this ugly duckling under your gaming wing, or is this a DS you're planning to skip? Vote in our poll and talk about it in the comments.