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Friday Poll: Who's the top smartphone maker?

Apple and Samsung are duking it out for the smartphone crown, but other contenders are up for a good fight too. Who do you think is the top smartphone maker?

Samsung Galaxy S III
The Galaxy S III is Samsung's latest smartphone volley. Samsung

It's epic. There's the clashing of pixels, the gnashing of processors, and the crunching of operating systems locked in a battle for supremacy.

Apple and Samsung both have claims to the crown, but (much like the Highlander) there can be only one!

Apple topped the U.S. smartphone market with a 29 percent share in the first quarter, according to stats from NPD, but Samsung rocketed to a 24 percent share in the same period. Worldwide, it's a flipflop. Samsung rode the popularity of Android into the No. 1 smartphone slot last quarter with 29 percent global market share, according to IDC, while Apple accounted for 24 percent.

Choosing a smartphone king can be subjective depending on the criteria you're using. You may have an emotional attachment to your Samsung Galaxy S II or undying loyalty to the iPhone 4S. You may decide to go strictly by the global sales numbers or you may give more weight to the U.S. market.

Apple and Samsung are the current heavyweight contenders when it comes to market share, but they're not the only smartphone options. The Motorola Droid Razr Maxx can be found on CNET's current Best Smartphones list and HTC's One also staked a claim on the list.

Let's tackle this issue with a subjective opinion poll. Who reigns supreme over the smartphone world? Your choice may range outside of the Apple versus Samsung clash, so we've got some options to reflect that. Vote in our poll and tell us in the comments what swayed you.