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Friday Poll: Which Xbox One feature excites you most?

Hot on the heels of the PlayStation 4, Microsoft's Xbox One rolls onto the scene in a blaze of console glory with a host of new features aimed at winning over gamers.

Microsoft Xbox One
It's brand spankin' new. Sarah Tew/CNET

Microsoft certainly has its hands full in the fight for console supremacy versus Sony. The battlefield will finally be fully populated with the launch of the Xbox One Friday. The console is certainly loaded with enough new features that you might need a cheat sheet to remember them all.

Let's start with the heart of the system: the games. The Xbox One sports an attractive roster of exclusive launch titles. Some of the highlights include Ryse: Son of Rome, which should appeal to fans of "300;" zombie-themed Dead Rising 3; and racing epic Forza Motorsport 5. More than 20 titles in all will be available at launch, giving gamers plenty to keep them busy for the first few months.

In other news, the Xbox One can connect to your cable or satellite box. It also caters to those with a multitasking mindset by allowing a split screen for certain apps. You can use the Snap feature to game and watch TV at the same time, for example. That means you pretty much never have to set down your controller.

Naturally, the Xbox One wouldn't be much of an upgrade if it didn't come with quite a few hardware improvements, notably greatly improved graphics over the Xbox 360. Kinect now comes with voice commands so you can audibly boss it around. An interesting addition to the console is the bundling of Skype, letting you make video calls when you're not busy blasting enemies.

Perhaps you've been salivating over the Xbox One since it was announced. Perhaps you've been waiting it out for the reviews to emerge. Wherever you stand on the spectrum of Xbox One love, there must be at least one feature with the potential to give you shivers. Which Xbox One feature are you most excited about? Vote in our poll and talk it out in the comments.

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Microsoft Xbox One
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