Friday Poll: Which summer movie hit the comic book mark?

In our inaugural Crave Friday Poll, Eric Franklin asks what the most faithful comic book adaptation of the summer was. Poll

Geek-cred test
What was the summer's most faithful comic book adaptation?

Iron Man: but I never heard of him 'til 2008.
The Incredible Hulk: didn't that come out in 2003?
Hellboy 2: even though I've never read a Hellboy comic.
Wanted: wait, that was comic-based?
The Dark Knight: because of Heath.
Hancock: uh, can't fool me!

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When Crave editors Leslie Katz and Erica Ogg asked me to mastermind the inaugural Crave Friday Poll™, my first reaction was, "Get the hell outta my office! I'm trying to sleep in here!!" After a visit from HR and a few tears--mostly on my part--I agreed to come up with something.

I suggested the "Best Comic Book Movies of the Summer." Thing is, comic book movies are way too mainstream these days to be considered "geeky." Also, The Dark Knight would predictably clean up, followed by Iron Man and then everything else.

So you wanna get really geeky? We'll get really geeky. How about the "Most Faithful Comic Book Adaptation of the Summer"? So here it is. The scary thing: I could have gone geekier. But this is Crave, not Wizard, for crying out loud. We're much cooler than that (points and laughs at all the geeks at Wizard...).

Anyway, this poll will probably still be a popularity contest. Oh, and remember to check back next Friday--and every Friday thereafter until the end of time--to vote in our Crave weekly poll.