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Friday Poll: Which 'Star Wars' character should get the first spin-off film?

Disney says it plans to make a series of "Star Wars" spin-off movies following individual characters. Who should go first?

Star Wars illustration
Will your favorite character get a spin-off? Lucasfilm

First, Disney bought Lucasfilm and "Star Wars" fans everywhere had mixed feelings. Then, a rumor became reality as J.J Abrams signed on to direct the next "Star Wars" movie. Now, almost everybody is feeling hopeful about the future of the franchise.

To put a cherry on the sci-fi sundae, we've now been told that a series of character spin-off movies are in the works that will follow along with individuals from the series.

When the idea of "Star Wars" spin-off films first came up, everybody was talking about Yoda. Now, Entertainment Weekly is saying the first two side projects will follow young versions of Han Solo and Boba Fett. The rumor comes with plenty of caveats about how plans can change, meaning those two movies aren't set in stone.

If Disney came knocking at your door and asked you which character it should start the spin-offs with, which would you choose? You might want to see Yoda when he was less wrinkly or meet Princess Leia as she learns how to braid her hair. Some characters should be pretty easy to rule out. I'm guessing "Jabba the Hutt: The High School Years" isn't likely to happen.

Maybe you're rooting for a different character entirely. Chewbacca, anyone? After surviving the "Star Wars" holiday special, I don't think I want to see much more of Wookiee life. Which "Star Wars" character deserves the first spin-off movie? Vote in our poll and talk it out in the comments.