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Friday Poll: Which of your hopes did Apple dash?

Sometimes what's not said at a company's big event is as important as what is. What were you hoping to hear more about at Apple's WWDC but didn't?

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Apple no-shows
Which of these had you most hoped to see at the WWDC but didn't?

An Apple Netbook
Front-facing camera on iPhone
Games and apps on Apple TV
The return of Steve Jobs
Phil Schiller yelling, "Developer! Developers! Developers!"

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iPhone 3G S

Clearly, one of the biggest pieces of news this week was the forthcoming iPhone 3G S.

But there were a few items people expected Apple to make official at its Worldwide Developers Conference that weren't mentioned. And sometimes what's not said at these keynotes is as important as what is. Which of these were you hoping for, but didn't get?

If we missed anything, let us know in the TackBack section below.