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Friday Poll: When gadgets hurt

You can add "cell phone elbow" to the growing list of supposed gadget-related ailments. Do any of them worry you? Take our poll.

CNET News Poll

When gizmos attack
Which gadget-related injury worries you most?

Cell phone elbow
BlackBerry Thumb
Wii knees
YouTube-induced short-sightedness
Bluetooth headset cauliflower ear

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"Ouch, my elbow hurts." Dong Ngo/CNET

We've known about the supposed threat of "BlackBerry Thumb" and "Wii knees" for a while now. This week, we brought you word of yet another reported tech-related syndrome: "cell phone elbow."

As personal tech gets smaller and more ubiquitous, we can likely expect reports of more such conditions. Which of the following are you most afraid will afflict you?

Of course, we may have missed something. If so, let us know in the TalkBack section below.