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Friday Poll: When did Black Friday start for you this year?

Black Friday is getting some stiff competition from Mobile Thursday. What does your holiday shopping calendar look like?

Amazon Black Friday
Amazon's Black Friday has been going on all week long. Screenshot by Amanda Kooser/CNET

Mobile Thursday. Black Friday. Small Business Saturday. Cyber Monday. What, there's no love for shopping on Sunday? The Thanksgiving holiday has turned from a single Friday of frenzy into a whole extended shopping weekend of weirdness.

Retailers have already been running Black Friday specials all week long, diluting the concept of a single day dedicated to shopping bargain madness. Digital ad agency Digitas crunched survey numbers and decided the holiday shopping season actually starts at 5:23 p.m. ET on Thanksgiving Day, thanks to a growing number of people making purchases with their mobile devices.

The rise of Mobile Thursday likely won't put a damper on the crazed shopping mobs that will descend on bricks-and-mortar retailers late Thursday and early Friday like so many Dothraki warriors plundering the riches of the Free Cities.

Personally, getting up at the crack of dawn to freeze my butt off in line at a massive chain retailer is just as enticing as dragging myself out of of a warm house to freeze my butt off in line at a massive chain retailer on Thanksgiving eve. I'll pass on both options.

My Thanksgiving weekend shopping plans involve visiting an alpaca ranch, patronizing a local craft show, and seeing if a particular ukulele goes on sale online. How about you? Did you loosen your belt and shop via smartphone right after the feast? Were you waiting at Walmart before first light? Are you staying above the fray entirely?

When did Black Friday start for you this year? Vote in our poll and share your shopping adventures in the comments.