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Friday Poll: What's your favorite app store?

Market research shows that the Android Market is gaining on Apple's App Store. Which app store do you favor? Are there too many to choose from?

If only we could just settle this with a friendly lightsaber duel. Thor501

Google's Android Market is rapidly approaching what once might have been unthinkable. According to a new report by market research firm Distimo, the Android Market is poised to surpass Apple's App Store in the number of overall available apps within a few months.

Friends and foes of each operating system have filled countless comment threads and forums with arguments over which company has the better apps, supporting devices, and overall experience. Regardless, should Google eventually boast the biggest mobile app store, Apple will no longer be able to brag that it has the largest kingdom.

Then you have other avenues for acquiring apps, such as the Novia Ovi Store, BlackBerry Appworld, and Windows Phone 7 Marketplace, all of which have grown progressively but not explosively. They all face increased pressure to succeed as Apple and Google continue to dominate the app world.

Is the matter simply quality vs. quantity, or just a numbers war? It's fair to say most people probably only use a dozen apps on a smartphone consistently, anyway.

So what's your favorite app store? Elaborate in the comments.