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Friday Poll: What's the best gadget of 2011?

It's been a hot year for top tech ranging from the iPad 2 to the Nest Learning Thermostat. We've picked out the best 2011 gadgets. Now tell us which one is your favorite.

It's end-of-the-year roundup time, when we marshal the power of hindsight and judge all of the tech products that came out in 2011. There were some obvious groaners (hello, HP Veer), but plenty of winners, too.

This is a whopper of a poll. The choices are all culled from the hardware that made CNET's list of the top tech of the year.

There is some stiff competition here. The iPad 2 has been cooking up millions of sales, but Amazon's Kindle Fire has muscled onto the scene in a big way.

The iPhone 4S landed on both the winners and disappointments lists. Will that stop if from coming out tops in the poll?

The Motorola Droid Razr may have something to say about that. It earned its Android smartphone front-runner status with a combination of a big screen and svelte design.

The MacBook Air showed up to represent for the laptop world. It's currently kicking butt and taking names while we wait for the ultrabook competition to heat up.

There are some dark-horse candidates like the cool (and hot) Nest Learning Thermostat and the unassuming, but powerful, Roku LT streaming box for your TV.

After a year of dragging your eyeballs across smartphone screens, groping tablets, tapping on laptops, and gazing at gadgets, it's time to tell us who your tech winner is.

What is the best gadget of 2011? Vote in our poll. If we overlooked your favorite gadget, then let us know about it in the comments.