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Friday Poll: What would it take to get you to use Internet Explorer?

Microsoft rolls out Internet Explorer 11 for Windows 7, but is it enough to expand the user base?

Internet Explorer anime mascot
Microsoft's semi-official anime mascot. Microsoft

Microsoft's Internet Explorer has a longtime image problem. Over the years, the browser has been criticized for being slow, bulky, and behind the times.

Firefox and Chrome rose up as stars and sent IE into the shadows. But Microsoft doesn't give up easily, and the new IE 11 for Windows 7 is trying to leave the past behind and woo new users.

Microsoft says the latest IE incarnation is faster than the competition and a more secure choice due to its malware-blocking capabilities. The Windows 8 version also sports touch support. There have still been some capability complaints from users, though, with some Web sites not displaying correctly.

To help with the whole image issue, the company even introduced Inori Aizawa, a hip young anime girl who is described as IE personified.

Inori comes with her own ugly-duckling backstory, a metaphor Microsoft hopes carries over to a new era of IE. Let's pretend Microsoft is a car salesman and Internet Explorer is on the showroom floor. The sales pitch could center around performance, features, or the lure of a robot-fighting mascot. Are you listening, or sticking your fingers in your ears?

What would it take to get you to use Internet Explorer? Vote in our poll and share your thoughts in the comments.