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Friday Poll: What winter gear do you Crave?

What bit of winter gear are you coveting most as you hover next to your space heater, teeth chattering?

Heated Mouse
Perhaps a heated mouse to keep your hands warm?

Snow hit all 50 states but one this week, with Florida spared the blanket of white stuff that has disrupted transport nearly everywhere. New York City officials declared a "weather emergency," 5 inches had fallen in Philadelphia, and flights were canceled from Atlanta to Chicago to Boston.

We've seen a flurry of winter gear designed to help you keep warm, have fun in the snow, or just look (un)cool.

There are, for example, these Liquid Image goggles that shoot high-def video; USB-heated furry cat slippers; Freehands gloves with removable fingertips for tapping on touch screens; and the Trane Remote Energy Management Thermostat, which lets you change temperature settings from anywhere in the world directly over the Net.

Of course, for those dreaming of warmer climes, Sports Illustrated's swimsuit edition has 3D video content.

So what bit of winter gear are you Craving most as you hover next to your space heater, teeth chattering? Vote in our poll, and be sure to add any other ideas in the comments section below.