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Friday Poll: What will boost the game industry?

Besides Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, what else could help boost the game industry's recently lagging fortunes? Vote in our poll.

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CNET News Poll

To the rescue...
What else could the game industry do to boost its lagging fortunes?

Free Goldeneye mini-game with every disc shipped
Special menu that lets you order pizza to Mom's basement from gamer profile
Location awareness: That guy who fragged you? Go find him
Appeal to more girls with Call of Duty: Hello Kitty Warzone 4
Re-release older titles for anticipated Netbook gaming crowd
Make better damn games

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So we've all heard that Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, released Tuesday, broke all kinds of sales records this week and is being touted as the biggest video game release of all time. But that's coming at the same time that we get word of some less-than-good data from The NPD Group: the video game industry was down a staggering 19 percent in sales in October.

Some say the much-anticipated Modern Warfare 2 could give the industry a boost, but it might not be enough.

As a self-proclaimed influential tech journalist and longstanding pundit of the absolute highest caliber, I've come up with a list of ideas that gamemakers might want to use to prop up their sagging market. These are good ideas and I'm offering them to the industry for free. And that's because I'm a very nice guy.

What do you think, readers? How can the game industry make sure it doesn't see a repeat of October's performance? Vote in our poll.