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Friday Poll: What will be your next computer?

Tablet sales have taken a small chunk out of PC sales, but are growing quickly. What will you buy next? Vote in our weekly poll.

You could just own them all like this person. CC Jemimus/Flickr

We've witnessed a fascinating evolution in computer hardware during the last couple of decades.

Through the mid-'90s and up until very recently, most of you either owned a laptop or a desktop--or both.

Desktops were critical for work, school, and gaming--a dependable workhorse and the first computer experience for most. Laptops then became a staple for many, especially when the devices became cheaper, more powerful, and infused with longer battery life.

Many of you remember when PDAs hit the scene; they were rather clunky in design and had somewhat arduous to use operating systems. And you can't forget about the meager battery life and expensive data charges.

Evolution swept up the mess. And now we're on the precipice of a dual-core smartphone becoming the norm with access to thousands of apps that can do just about anything. Wireless data is affordable and fast and is often easily available.

Modern tablets are evolving rapidly and, in some ways, have become successful from the lessons of computers past. It's hard to tell when tablets started tipping into the mainstream. Some would argue it was when Apple introduced the iPad--or when Samsung, Motorola, RIM, HTC and a slew of other consumer electronic companies threw their hat into the ring. Regardless, tablet sales have exploded, putting a dent in PC sales.

Basically, when you purchase your next computer, you will need to make a decision between a desktop, laptop, tablet, or maybe even just a powerful smartphone.

What will be your next computer purchase? Choose from our poll and sound off in the comments section.