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Friday Poll: What should robots never do?

Advancements in robotics these days make it appear as if there are virtually no limits on what bots can be programmed to do. But some things just don't seem right.

CNET News Poll

Robot restrictions
What should robots never, ever be allowed to do?

Drive during rush hour
Play professional sports
Run for public office
Perform a root canal
Take it beyond kissing
Play as a Druid in WoW

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Kissing robots
Please, no more than this. Taiwan Tech

Here at Crave, we like to keep our eyes out for the latest in robots. Just this week, for example, we told you about kissing robots and a robot that can solve Sudoku puzzles. And really, the wacky-robot news never ends.

In recent months, we've featured a fashion model robot, a sunflower robot, a mind-controlled robot, and an eerie robobaby, to name just a few.

Advancements in modern robotics amaze, amuse, and occasionally appall, which got us wondering. What should robots never, ever be allowed to do? Vote in our poll, and if we missed anything (given the endless possibilities, we're sure that we did), leave a comment below.