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Friday Poll: What do you want most from Apple's event?

Hot on the heels of new iPhones, Apple is set to announce a slew of refreshed products. Tell us if you're itching for iPads or pining for MacBook Pros.

Leaked iPad images
An allegedly leaked image of the next iPad. Sonny Dickson

Thanks to the nonstop grind of the Apple rumor mill, next week's anticipated announcements may contain no surprises whatsoever. Here's the quick rundown of what is expected: A face-lifted iPad 5, Retina iPad Mini, OS X Mavericks pricing and release date, new Mac Pro, and refreshed MacBook Pros. The Mac Mini and Apple Display could also make an appearance.

Most of the hype has centered around the new iPads and whether or not they'll borrow the color schemes and Touch ID from the iPhone 5S. But iPads are only part of the story. We could be in for a long event if everything from laptops to desktops to tablets is on the menu.

All the answers will be officially revealed on October 22, but that shouldn't stop you from drafting your own personal wish list for the new devices.

As the owner of a now-ancient iPad 2, I am particularly curious about the unveilings, but I find my interest focused on the iPad Mini and that extra bit of portability it provides. That's why my vote goes to the Retina Mini as my personal most-wanted new product, with the unusual new Mac Pro design coming in second.

Your interest may go toward a space-gray redesigned iPad 5, or a beefed-up MacBook Pro. Using the rumors as a jumping-off point, what do you want most out of Apple's event? Vote in our poll, and chat it up in the comments.