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Friday Poll: What Apple announcement do you want most from WWDC?

Apple's big developer conference next week is often used as a platform to announce new software and hardware. Tell us if you're rooting for an iPad or hoping for an iOS update.

Gumdrop iPad 5 case
Gumdrop Cases has iPad 5 cases for preorder. Gumdrop Cases

Apple's big annual developers' conference kicks off next week. That has left plenty of time to speculate and entertain rumors about new announcements. We won't know for sure until the Worldwide Developers Conference actually gets going, but there are some likely, and unlikely, scenarios for new hardware and software.

At least one company is convinced that Apple will announce the iPad 5. Gumdrop Cases is ready to offer new gear based on leaked specs. Some reports aren't expecting the new iPad until fall, however. At least the question will be settled soon.

Some expectations are a little more certain. Developers will likely get a shot at the next version of iOS, iOS 7. This could involve a fresh interface, more gestures, and some additional sharing tools. Also on the software front, there could be an update to OS X, bringing the system up to 10.9.

The iPad isn't the only piece of potential hardware people are talking about. The MacBook Pro and MacBook Air are both ready for a refresh. The new Mac Pro desktop could come next week, or it may be held until the fall.

All of this adds up to a lot of speculation, so it's time to find out what you want most out of the WWDC. What Apple announcement are you most eager to hear? Vote in our poll, and chat about it in the comments.