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Friday Poll: New Year's tech resolutions?

Share your technology-related New Year's resolutions. If you get them out in public, maybe you'll actually keep them for 2012.

iPad wearing New Year's hat
Here is the official Times Square ball drop app. Amanda Kooser/CNET

2012 is coming fast. It's time to quit smoking, cut out the cola calories, and start backing up your data on a regular basis--for real this time.

I know CNET readers will have some technology-related resolutions on their lists. Maybe you're planning to cut back on the 12 hours per day you spend on Skyrim. Maybe you're going to pick up one of the bajillion fitness gadgets that have hit the market recently.

Clink champagne glasses, watch the LED ball drop in Times Square, and enjoy your last few care-free minutes before your New Year's resolutions set in.

If you need help with keeping those resolutions, there are technology solutions that can give you a hand.

What are your tech-related New Year's resolutions? Instead of our usual poll format, we're throwing this one wide open to the comments. Tell us about what you're changing in 2012.

I'll get things started. Starting next year, I resolve to keep all my computer screens cleaner. I know it sounds simple, but at least it's more attainable than learning Klingon.