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Friday Poll: Most honest response to OnLive?

The gaming behemoths are definitely taking notice of the new "cloud"-based on-demand video game service announced at GDC. What would you most like to hear them say?

CNET News Poll

OnLive fallout
Which response to OnLive would you most like to hear?

Nintendo: Cloud? Isn't that what Lakitu rides in Super Mario Bros.?
Microsoft: Xbox 360 requires no cloud to overheat repeatedly and die
Sony: Even if everyone got OnLive free, PS3 would still be the best-selling console
Apple: you ain't seen nothin' yet

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This week at GDC 09, we learned about OnLive, a new "cloud"-based on-demand video game and entertainment service. It promises high-quality streaming of first-run major publisher games to many Macs and PCs, and it could threaten the traditional console model for gamers that Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft have built their game businesses around.

The companies have definitely taken notice, but what are they saying behind closed doors? Which of these responses would you most like to hear from the gaming behemoths?