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Friday Poll: Most April Fool-ish product?

We've seen many silly tech ideas come and go, but we would like to ask you which one most seems like a joke worthy of April Fools' Day. Virtual girlfriends? A sex-coach app? Tell us.

Fingerpainting for dogs
Is your pooch the next Mutt-isse? Art-Casso

Happy April Fools' Day! Some news outlets love playing jokes on audiences on April 1. The BBC, for example, has a tradition of pulling off great fake news pranks, from spaghetti trees to flying penguins. Their high jinks have become increasingly sophisticated.

Here at Crave, we are, of course, way too mature to inflict any fake news today. But plenty of loony ideas get fed into our Crave news machine, and more than a few recent ones are so silly they beggar belief.

Take Israeli start-up BioExplorers. It has a security screening system that relies on mice to sniff out concealed bombs. Fortunately, we hear the critters have graduated from the Bomb Sniffing Academy for Rodents and are thus highly trained.

Over in Australia, industrial designer Melody Shiue has designed a fetus viewer for expecting parents. Yes, moms strap the gadget on and the magic of ultrasound turns their tummies into windows on the uterus. Apparently this idea won an award of some sort.

Speaking of reproduction, the creators of Dr. Sexytime believe people are going to pay $3.99 to have their iPhone teach them how to make love. The app comes with a sex position randomizer, too.

For sheer ridiculousness, though, it's hard to beat Cloud Girlfriend, an apparently real online service that lets you create a virtual dream girlfriend and then plaster her all over your social networks. Why? To increase your chances of getting a real girlfriend.

The one that had us howling at the moon, though, comes from the always absurd pet product department (remember Bowlingual?). Pup-Casso is a finger-painting kit for dogs, and by that we mean paw-painting. Maker Art-Casso says that "in just a few easy steps, your dog can unleash its inner artist and become the next Mutt-isse or Dali-mation." Ugh.

So what do you think is the most ridiculous, fake-newsworthy piece of news? Vote in our poll, and if we missed anything, be sure to let us know in the comments section.