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Friday Poll: Is the new Facebook look hot or not?

Mark Zuckerberg has unveiled the all new Facebook look at the f8 developer conference. Features like Timeline and Ticker have divided Facebook users between lovers and haters. Tell us where you stand. Are you loving the new Facebook or is MySpace suddenly looking good again?

Mark Zuckerberg's Timeline
James Martin/CNET

We knew it was coming. There was no escape. The new Facebook look was unveiled yesterday at the F8 developers conference.

We saw sneak previews of the fresh Timeline and Ticker features that represent a radical departure from the spare white Facebook profiles of the soon-to-be past.

It's kind of like coming home and finding that your spouse has gotten Botox, a hair cut, a new wardrobe, and can't stop talking about the song he's listening to and which Paula Deen recipe is on the dinner menu. It all feels a little surreal.

Eventually, all profiles will go over to Timeline. It has a massive top photo and easy access to all your Facebook updates throughout the years so that you can wallow in that nostalgic moment four years ago when you ate a deep-fried Twinkie at the fair and posted about it.

Ticker will feed real-time updates about the minutiae of your friends' lives onto your profile. Now you'll know who's listening to Celine Dion at any given moment. There will also be more integration of social apps into your profile.

Change is hard. Not even the sight of Mark Zuckerberg's adorable puppy on his Timeline could soften the hearts of some critics. There has been a mixed reaction to the new look and features. Some folks like it, some folks are threatening to run back to the familiarity of MySpace or forward into the unknown of Google+.

Where do you fall on the scale of new Facebook love and hate? Vote in our poll and sound off below.