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Friday Poll: Is Sony's compensation enough?

In its latest measure, Sony is offering Sony Online customers a month of free service, plus ID theft monitoring and in-game perks to make up for the outage related to the security breach. Is that enough?

In the wake of the three-week PlayStation Network outage and data breach, Sony has taken various steps to compensate customers. Most recently, the company said affected U.S. customers of the Sony Online multiplayer online gaming service will get free identity theft protection from security firm Debix and a month of free service.

Sony is also offering Sony Online users a free day for every day past one month that the service is offline. It's supposed to come back after a few days, according to yesterday's statement. In addition, the company is giving a variety of in-game benefits and items such as currency. Lifetime subscribers will get 20,000 coins for Free Realms, 7,500 Galactic Credits for Clone Wars Adventures, and 10 Marks of Distinction for DC Universe Online.

These compensation measures are being offered in addition to the offer made last week to PlayStation Network and Qriocity customers affected by the same breach. The offers come after Sony servers were attacked between April 17 and April 19, producing a massive breach of data related to users on PlayStation Network, Qriocity, and Sony Online.

What do you think? Are Sony's compensation measures enough? Vote in our poll.